The U.S. Alumni Community of Croatia


This is Joseph from the community of US Alumni in Croatia – a volunteer single umbrella organization.

What is our purpose?

To get in touch with as many war veterans as possible and make their lives better than ever before.  To learn more about our mission, please visit

Right now we need funding to keep this thing going, so any donations will be much appreciated. Thanks in advances to all those volunteers who are helping us make life easy for many veterans living in Croatia.

A video from our friends Elizabeth and Mike from Ohio in the US. Take care. Much love and peace!!! xxx

We would also like to thank Sabrina from for her sponsor event in cambridge last friday where €3250 were collected for the veterans.  Sabrina provided all equipment, and food for free!

It’s amazing how many requests we had for help. We spend $25 on facebook. Social media was really a blessing to us. Thanks to every one of you from Malta.