Things To Know About Weddings In Winter

Winter weddings are considered magical since they incorporate love and coziness. They, however, are not the easiest to plan, and there are a number of points that need to be considered when slotting a wedding during the winter season. Simple tips and tricks are discussed below, and aim at giving the couple a memorable wedding:

Beauty preparation

During winter, there is a high possibility of dry chapped lips and generally dry skin. To avoid this, the couple and wedding organizers should pay close attention to beauty products such as effective moisturizers and lip care.

Pay attention to the ideal winter accessories

Winter is a cold season, and so the accessories must be able to protect those in attendance from the chill and at the same time avoid a gloomy look. This can be achieved using brightly colored accessories, such as woolen caps and shawls. The bride can also opt for a long-sleeved wedding dress, with a closed back.

Using tights and warm undergarments

As long as the undergarments are not visible, and are below the clothes for the day, they can be incorporated. These include tights for ladies, which are worn below the gown for the bride, and similarly for the bridesmaids.

Keep the bridal party warm

As the decisions on the attire are made for the bridal party, there should be considerations made for the bridal team, who have a specific code of dressing. There are various options, such as long dresses and closed shoes for the bridesmaids, and velvet wear for the groomsmen.

Minimize movement

During winter, bad weather can make transport difficult due to the possibility of extreme weather such as rain. This is something you need to take into consideration when you choose a wedding venue. The wedding organizers should limit the wedding venue to at least one location, for both the ceremony and reception.

Use of candles

Candles give out an impression of warmth and love. This is important since the wedding gets cozy for the guests, bridal team and the couple. They also create a good ambiance and scent when scented candles are incorporated.

Access to protective devices

Winter has a high possibility of rain or snow. Even though the weather forecast may predict a calm day, it is wise to have items such as umbrellas ready. This ensures cover is available in case there is rain, which would interrupt the wedding.

Timing for the sake of photography

Winter weddings should be planned to start earlier than normal weddings do. This is locally so because winter days tend to get dark earlier. This prior arrangement ensures that there is enough light so that photographers can comfortably cover the whole wedding without difficulty.

Appropriate color themes

Ensure the color themes are appropriate for winter weddings. Such weddings call for rich warm toned colors, such as gold, black and berry red. These should be incorporated into the dresses and also flower choices such as the centerpiece.


Winter weddings are beautiful and unique. Incorporate the above tips to make the day more memorable and comfortable for you and the guests.